Safety, savings...

1. Preparing your journey

Think ahead before starting out on the road.
Plan your route to avoid driving unnecessary miles.
Look after your tyres in winter
In winter, never overlook your tyres.
Check the pressure every two weeks and check the condition and wear of the sidewalls.

This safety precaution will also allow you to make real savings at the pump because under-inflated tyres inevitably cause overconsumption of fuel.

We also advise you to fit winter tyres. They guarantee you a much shorter braking distance in wet weather, snow and ice.

2. Driving

Be more flexible and stay cool !
In slippery conditions, slow down! Drive smoothly to avoid
jolts and uncontrolled skidding. As well as the risk to your
passengers and other road users, fuel consumption
and CO2 emissions increase every time you accelerate
and brake too hard.

Be doubly polite at the wheel and considerate towards other drivers.

3. Car equipment

Check your equipment in order to see and be seen.
As days get shorter, it gets darker sooner, so good
visibility is particularly important in winter to see and
be seen. It is essential to check that your windscreen
wipers and headlights (dipped-beam and fog) are in
good working order.